Alnisa Allgood

Madison, WI

I'm the Executive Director of Nonprofit Tech—a nonprofit technology consultancy specializing in using technology to create positive change. When I'm not helping nonprofits perform better, use technology more successfully, and meausre their impact, I sit on the Board of Directors for Madisonium I'm also the founder of Madison Nonprofit Day, MadTech— Madison's Nonprofit Technology User Group, and a few other projects.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin via San Francisco. I love media—books, comics, television, movies; technology, especially gadgets, widgets, finely crafted code, and minimalist design; nonprofits, public organization, and social causes. I believe in 'to thy own self be true'; just as much as I believe that service to others is the bedrock of civil society. "So my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you…"