Paola Janine

Hi! Hello!I love music so much. I can't live without music.

I likes Japanese and Korean music, even I can't understand the lyrics. LOVES fashion
loves my computer playing online games..
I really love anime! Special A. I love to sing && dance
I love photography.loves watching movies
I'm not friendly, but hey! I’m nice :D
I'm a bit snob.. especially when i'm not in the mood. *gusto ko ako ung unang inaapproach.
likes to gossip *chismosa* haha! ;D.ain't a warfreak.
FRANK *ayaw ko nang may paligoy ligoy pa. Gusto ko direct to the point ;D
loves to hang out with my friends.*gala to the max*
I tend to be really CRAZY.I always do silly things! No one can handle my KABALIWAN ;D
mahilig din ako MAN TRIP.
Sometimes I’m acting like a child *childish*
I'm a heavy sleeper.I'm always sleepy/sleeping.
I'm an easy going person.I want to understand the things around me.
I need to make mistakes just to learn who I am; at the same time I'm learning from it.
I can hide my feelings well. It's really hard for me to recognize what others feel *numb*
I laught at things easily.
I share my laughter, blessings, with my friends/classmate/whoever you are. :)