Aaron Lockhart

Nashville, TN

Well HELLO there fellow still image capturers. My name is Aaron, and I am an experienced professional photographer of going on 7 years. I tend to be on the knowledgeable side of the science behind the actual equipment, as well as a marksman to help you get desired results from specific settings from the equipment. In other words, I didn't really have a naturally developed "eye" for the trade of photography. It came to me in the sense of a learned and acquired skill set through self education and tons of experience in failing with the equipment time and time again.

With that said, I am a complete equipment nerd. I have a TON of camera equipment and cool gadgets. However, I'm not the type of equipment nerd in the sense that most people would typically think. I am not the type of equipment nerd that believes in having the best photographic equipment at all times. Instead, I'm the type of equipment nerd that likes to learn everything about the equipment I have, and help by teaching other people how to use it correctly to get the desired result. After all, the camera doesn't make the photograph, the photographer does. A camera can make a photograph about as good as a hammer can build a house. It doesn't matter if you own a $20,000 hammer. If you don't know how to use it, the tool is completely useless.

It's my goal to inspire photographers by leading them in a way to have passion in the equipment they presently own, and to proceed forward in showing you that you are not limited to your equipment; your equipment is limited to you.