Jade Aloe Vera

Jade Aloe Vera

Well hello there.. welcome to Jades portal. You can also call me Aloe if you wish.

Looking for a lovely lady to talk philosophy , metaphysics, concious topics with ?

Want someone who is nurturing, heart-felt and genuinely listens and is present with you?

Interested in tantric inspired body rubs with someone who has studied thai massage , deep tissue and Swedish ..

Come join me in my sacred Chambers of blissful ambiance.

I would love to unlock doorways of time, space and dimensions together..

Seeking and would love to be in the presence of yogis,alchemists, artists, poets, visionaries, mystics,entrepreneurs, filmmakers...and the like.. attract vibrational resonance now.

Want to find out more? Please tell me abut yourself.. I ask you include info listed below:

What is your name?What are your intentions in gracing my presense and having and experience with me? What are you searching for or desire?

Also please send a picture.(face shot only!)

I believe all beings deserve mutual respect, trust, compassion and a safe and loving environment to explore..** do you agree , to treating me with love, respect , dignity and a healthy understanding when it comes to honoring my boundaries?** Disclaimer: I am not an escort prostitute and do not offer full service.Once I have your consent I will discuss my services a greater depth.

The Adventure Awaits... * Aloe*Thank you universe and so it is.