Dave Farbaky

CEO of Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich, Illinois

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Aloha Construction is a leader in home repair. Their team is made up of vetted professionals who all have years of experience in home repair in the Lake Zurich area. While they do offered highly specialized services, customers love that they can tackle most any job, from basic roofing services down to door installation. Roofing services are offered to providesolutions for leaking and damaged roofs. They may be as a result of old age orbad weather. Whichever the case, Aloha construction has got your back.

Aloha Construction was recently featured in an article discussing the importance of keeping the exterior of your home in good shape. The family owned company recently launched a brand new wing of their company: Aloha Restoration company. They will continue growing their stellar reputation by offering interior restoration and home remodeling. The quality of service people have received from over 18,000 exterior repair jobs will now extend to the interior of the homes. The firm’s CEO, Dave Farbaky, is committed to ensuring the company has a well-trained and experienced personnel to handle home repairs. He established the Dave Farbaky Foundation through which Aloha Construction Inc. gives back to the community.