a bit about Lily

I live in New York City, the greatest city in the world

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About me:

I was born and raised in Washington DC and Long Island NY.

Favorite place I've lived: Waikiki

What gets me moving: Pilates, yoga, running and tennis. I'd love to learn how to play golf, since so far I've only managed to hit a poor duck by accident on the driving range!

Little known amongst my friends: I used to help with Terrapin football recruiting, and in fact worked for the Athletic Director at the University of Maryland all through college. Go ACC!

Fun facts: I spent one year exploring the west coast after being laid off...sometimes blessings come in surprising ways because it was such an amazing experience.

Family pride: My grandpa is 101 years young...my little brother is in the Air Force and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan...my father is a former Great Neck business owner - but I never picked up that endearing Long Island accent.