Aloha Plus


73-4840 Kanalani St

Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Phone: 808-329-2121


Aloha Plus Storage & Packaging provides essential storage unit services, packaging

and shipping for all of your private or business storage and transition needs.

Located in Kailua Kona, Aloha Plus Storage & Packaging provides businesses

and individuals with a conveniently located facility that will make everything

about your moving and storage convenient, fast and efficient. The next time you

embark on a move you will able to relax knowing that your possessions are in

good hands. Take all that stress out of moving with these professionals and

just imagine how much better you will feel! Shipping

made easy with UPS, Fed Ex and many other postal services are crucial to a

smooth and efficient business operation or relocation. With Aloha Plus Storage

& Packaging, you can take advantage of their mailbox and notary services at

the business center, which also offers printing, faxing and lamination. If you

need a one-stop center that handles all your mailing and storage needs with a

demonstrated commitment to excellence, these professionals consistently deliver

on-time and hassle-free services when you can’t be around to supervise the

process. Having

24-hour secure access to a storage unit makes a world of difference to busy

professionals who have to manage their operations around the globe. With Aloha

Plus Storage & Packaging their product is delivered with your busy schedule

in mind. All you have to do is focus on your travel and business while they

take care of your posessions, packages and mailbox deliveries. If you are

interested in taking advantage of Aloha Plus Storage & Packaging products for

stress-free storage and shipping services, contact one of their storage and

shipping consultants by calling (808)

329-2121 or to view their many other products and services visit Aloha Plus Storage & Packaging