Jordan Mendelson

When I was sailing off the coast of Hawaii, the old 50' Hunter sailboat I was learning to sail on almost sank several miles from land. It was my second day sailing and we had just sailed for 8 hours in 25 knot winds when someone noticed that belowdecks there were several inches of water that should not be there. We manually pumped out the bilge, reattached the exhaust pipe that came undone and sailed to safety. On that 12 day trip, I was attacked by a turtle, was nearly swept away into the open ocean by a strong current, realized I become seasick quite easily and gained my ASA bareboat sailing certification. To this day, I love sailing, albeit while on Bonine.

I collect hobbies. I'll try anything twice. I love to experiment. It leads to failure and success. Often more failure than success, but nevertheless I can't imagine going through life not learning something new or trying something different.

I am an accomplished entrepreneur. I've founded several companies and worked for startups all my life. My first company was Web Services, Inc., a small ISP based in Wilmington Delaware. I was 16 and 4,800 miles from home. I became the Chief Architect at Napster and built and ran the backend services mostly by myself. I was partially responsible for ending the use of DRM on music with SNOCAP which I'm very proud of. I attempted to build forums 2.0 with Heavy Electrons. I produced personal analytics product called Profile Stats née Who Viewed My Profile at LinkedIn. I hope to change the restaurant industry with SeatMe.