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Hotels and Guest Houses You will locate a factor in both price and services between guest houses and hotels in the UK. Hotels generally provide teas, lunches, breakfasts, dishes, an authorized bar and a variety of facilities and ser-vices to match individuals, people and often business organizations. To get other ways to look at it, consider checking out: address. Recreational facilities will be often added by country house hotels within their reasons such as golf, tennis, swimming, spas, gym... Cheap Accommodations in UK: Classes of Hotels Hotels and Guest Houses You'll find a significant difference in both cost and facilities between guest houses and hotels in britain. Hotels generally provide teas, meals, breakfasts, meals, a licensed bar and a selection of services and facilities to suit individuals, individuals and often business organizations. Recreational facilities will be often added by country house hotels within their grounds such as golf, tennis, swimming, health spas, gyms and joined play areas for children. Prime league international hotels in London and major cities offer extensive services and services for business and holiday guests, and a choice of luxury housing and first-class. Guest homes may not have bars or present lunch or teas, but may have sitting lounges and television. In England and Wales, the AA, RAC (the biggest UK motoring organisations) and the English Tourist Council have come together to offer an overall star for stone score and accommodations for guest accommodations, including bed and breakfast. Hotels have between one and five stars; guest accommodations between one and five diamonds. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, all tourist accommodations will also be positioned frequently to supply a clear indication of the level of services you can expect. Bed and Break fast Bed and morning meal accommodation, marketed from the famous 'B&B; opportunities' warning, is mostly in private domiciles and the emphasis is on bedrooms instead of on facilities like a club or restaurant. They are the least expensive type of visitor accommodation though rates vary between those in the most used holiday areas and those providing stopovers 'en-route.' Tens of thousands of bed and breakfasts have now been visited anonymously by visitor officers to be inspected for a diamond rating of between one and five stars. My brother discovered like by searching Goo