Alok Abhishek

Hello everyone! This is Alok.

So who am I?

Well, professionally - I am a technology professional with eight years of experience. I’ve been part of projects to implement innovative payment solutions and solve critical business problems. I am a passionate Technophile, I believe that technology is an enabler which shall be leveraged to bring positive change to the society.

And Personally - I am passionate about Travel, Photography, Sports, and Sustainability.

I have travelled across four continents - Asia, Europe, North America and South America. International travel and exposure to different cultures have shaped me into a person who is aware of cultural differences, open to new challenges and better at collaborating with people from diverse background.

I love sports. You can talk to me about soccer and Manchester United at length. I still relish memories of my visit to Old Trafford and watching my team play. I also travelled across Brazil to follow Soccer World cup 2014. It was my first trip to South American but I was fascinated by the charm of Rio.

I was a state-level Chess player during my high school, and won a few reputed competitions. Harry Potter's wizard chess is next on the list :).

I am a member of the World Wildlife Fund. I help raise awareness about conservation of fresh water habitats, endangered wildlife, and forests.

I’m also an avid photographer, and photography helps me express my creative side. I am working on starting my Photo-Blog to share my experience with Lens with the world.

Thanks for stopping by!!