I am currently working as senior analyst in the Financial Market domain based out of Mumbai, with. I have interest in Movie, Theatre, Mime, Music and others cultural activities apart from finance and am open to having a Film and theatre career too. I have done my MBA from Mumbai University, M.A. in Mathematics from Patna University and have many years of experience Financial Market as well as movie/theatre and social/cultural activities.

My Mathematics and Finance background help me in problem solving and my analytical skills
enable me to have conceptual clarity. This, in turn, coupled with an excruciating desire for detailed and logical systems and planning which certainly help me streamline operations and processes in Film/theatre starting from acting to Dramatization and production management.

Training in classical dance (Bharatnatyam) and YOGA, has helped me to know deep about our history, culture and arts.

• I seek a position of director or production manager in a Film or theatre where I will get to learn new techniques and policy and follow all rules and regulations regarding this field.
• I have the ability to observe the progress of every production person and artist and can gauge whether they are effectively prepared for performance.
• I would like to use my corporate experience effectively and I would like to adopt new techniques for the progress of company.
• I have ability to lead, guide and explain scripts in depth and suggest changes when necessary to meet requirements

  • Education
    • Mba Finance
    • Mumbai University