Alondra Garcia

Student and Volleyball in Manzanillo, Col., México

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Hello, my name is Alondra García López. I was born on July 21, 2003 in Manzanillo Colima. I'm 16 years old, I'm currently studying the third semester in technical baccalaureate # 23. I really like to play volleyball, spend time with my friends and run in the morning to clean myself for a while, one of the things I don't do. '' I don't like liar people, math and sweet food. I usually get up and take a shower, then brush my teeth and start breakfast, then start doing homework and sometimes I do some exercise, when I finish I take a shower again. My favorite hobby is coloring. I rarely do it at night because it gives me a lot of tranquility, I relax and think about the things that are happening right now, to think that I can improve. But I never talk about it. I feel happy for the stage I am going through and for the new friendships I make, and I spend most of my time distracted and learning new things. My tastes are going to enter more than anything in the afternoon with my colleagues, I like spicy and salty things. I would like all people to fulfill their dream and be able to succeed in life like that day they dreamed to be.