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Alonzo Henderson-Myles


With over 15 years experience in makeup artistry and skin care, born with a commonsense passion for Fashion, and a sincere love for Music, Thanks Mommie. From the 92-BadBoy-19th-street start it was hard to neglect what I loved, I knew what I wanted to do and always held the belief I would be a dominating force involving this industry. With a infatuation for sound and in love with harmony, accompanied with a Natural gift for writing, I dove in. Towards the end of my journey through some valleys low and a few other places. God blessed me with a family, Melodream Entertainment. I received a gift there; Full access to a studio and a mentor who taught me all I wanted to know. Like a sponge, I soaked it all up. During my tenure at Melodream, I functioned in various capacities. The opportunity at Melodream led to many opportunities including editorial styling, fashion consulting, and brand consulting. During my travels I was blessed to meet a man by the name of Groovey Lew "FashionKing" whom I'm honored to call my Godfather. He took me on, mentored me, shared with me his extensive knowledge about this game then turned me loose on the game. So, armed with a wealth of knowledge and blessing from God, I'm ready to conquer this big bad world of Fashion and Music.