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Andre Neumann-Loreck

San Francisco, California, United States

Andre Neumann-Loreck

San Francisco, California, United States

Ops on Tap - Providing services that establish a solid foundation for HW startups during product development and production. We enable successful product launches and timely delivery of quality products that meet cost targets. Consulting on Operations, New Product Introduction, Supply Chain and CM/JDM/ODM Management, Negotiations, and General Management issues. Executive Coaching.


* Started first job in a Japanese factory in Nagano prefecture. Worked on the mfg line

* Learned Ops in the disk drive industry for 10 years. Supported a US factory and outsourced manufacturing

* Learned product development as a member and then a leader of product teams

* Worked at multiple startup

* Was the first Ops hire for Pure Digital Technologies (makers of Flip Video). Built the team and the supply chain. After 3 years, was promoted to COO and picked up responsibility for Engineering in addition to Ops. 2 years as COO

* Ran Ops and Engineering for Cisco Consumer Products (Flip and Linksys) after Cisco acquired Pure Digital

* Building a consultancy with set of services called Ops on Tap focused on providing hardware startups with a solids Ops foundation to ramp their businesses