Ari L.

New York

I am a bipolar II American college student.

I have shown signs of bipolar disorder since I was a young child. I went from an ultra-hyper little kid, to a "gifted" student, to a cut-off tween seeking solace in songwriting, to a depressed adolescent, to a hypomanic college student, to a diagnosed bipolar blogger.

I have now been on Cymbalta and Lamictal for some time. They have worked well for me. I do not achieve "normal". I never expect to. But I am functioning quite well and feeling very positive about my life.

I love discussing mental illness, not just because bipolar disorder is a part of my life, but because the entire subject genuinely fascinates me, and it would even if I weren't ill. I find schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder especially fascinating, and while I do not know what it is like to endure them, I love researching and reading articles about them.

I hope to raise awareness about mental illness. There are so many facets of mental illness that very few members of the general population are exposed to, and that is a tragedy.

My other loves include my cats, knitting, Frank Sintra, and Jimmy Stewart movies.

  • Education
    • 2nd year uni student