Information Security Consultant, Founder of Kuwait Hackers Co, and Kuwait Hackers Instructor in Kuwait

  • Built my first computer at the age 9.
  • Developed first school's website for the ministry of education in Kuwait when I was just 13 years old. AL-Taleea News paper wrote about it. (Original Link).
  • Founded my first own business at the age 14.
  • Established the 1st Hackers Club in GCC countries.
  • Assistant Professor in CS at KCST.
  • Founder and Managing Director at Kuwait Hackers LLC.
  • Founder and Managing Director at Kout Labs for Computer Studies, Research and Development.

I enjoyed my work as teaching my cybersecuity students to protect their current work enviornemnts from different type of attacks. Beside that I'm the Founder & Managing Director at Kuwait Hackers LLC ( which own KuwaitHackers institute for private training, Kout Labs for CS Reserach and Development). I started my career as a Hackers instructor I conducted many "Hackers Workshop" especially in Arabic Hacking workshop & live hacking seminars. Also, I do all penetration testing, finding vulnrabilities and closing threats consultancy services for many organisation/individuals. I wrote many academic conferences and journals you can find them below academic publication. While I'm proud of my study time within my Masters thesis I wrote about "Reverse Engineering of Mobile Malware Analysis for Intrusion Detection and Prevention.". Then I did my PhD research about "Robust Botnet Detection Techniques for Mobile and Network Environments".


Academic Publications:

Professional Certificates:

  • CEI ECC80330182024 (Certified EC-Council Instructor)
  • CPTE 5601 (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer from mile2)
  • ECSA ECC-26988904 (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)
  • CEH ECC-26853113 (Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council)
  • Advanced OSINT Technique, BlackHat Europe, ExCeL London Dec2017
  • CeM 112685 (Certified e-Marketer from e-Marketing Association)

Professional Organisations Membership:

  • IEEE Senior Member #94529107
  • ISSA Membership #3138043
  • ISACA Membership - London Chapter - #786192
  • MBCS, BCS Membership #990431538
  • BERA, Teacher Member #035458, London

Speaker at :

1- Kuwait Hackers Conference

2- Blackhat Conference

3- @Hack Conference

4- Cyber Security Week, KCST

5- BotConf - Botnet Conference in Lyon, France.

6- RISE Center at the American University of Kuwait(AUK), "Live Mobile Hacking: Malware Attacks and Data Protection"

  • Education
    • De Montfort University
    • University of Hertfordshire
    • University of Dubai