Obaid Alotaibi

Software Engineer, Teacher, and Consultant in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

My name is Obaid Alotaibi, Electronic Technician & Scenario Developer Graduated from Technical Institute of Naval Studies ( Royal Saudi Naval Forces) Computer Science Technical Programming Diploma 1998

I have Diploma Degree in Computer Science Programming Technology,

My main interests are Radar, Electronic Warfare, networking, communication systems TacticaI Simulation.

worked in many positions since my graduation which includes: Scenario Developer ,System Analyzer, My Technical Skills includes: Demonstrate the ability to identify, formulate, and solve operational, technical, and engineering problems in Systems and related disciplines using the techniques, skills, and tools of modern practice, including modeling and simulation. My Skills includes: Information Systems and Operations; Information Warfare; Technology; Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence; Computer Science; and Fire-control Radar Systems.

Provides realistic decision-making environments and facilitates advanced planning exercises for joint air, land and sea operations. Using high fidelity platform, weapon, sensor and environmental simulation modeling, training scenarios provide battle group, tactical team and individual operator training for ship personnel within a simulated theatre.

  • Education
    • Diploma Degree in Computer Science Programming Technology