Alpay Raduch

Psychologist in Saint Albans, United Kingdom

I am told that, sometimes, a fictional work may reflect true life.I will say that 'The Pimp and Son Ltd' is not a confessional and the stories within are only loosely based on stories told to me as I grew up in Cyprus. Some could be authenticated like Ali, his café and his story about the night visit by men with masks and guns in their hip holders.However, much of the feeling of my book is my biography, as I was also, like Alptar, neglected, rejected and left behind child myself and grew in the times of desperation.I left the island before it could finish me off and managed to survive it.Although I studied Psychology, Sociology, Theology and Social Psychology I could never use the knowledge to make a career out of my education.Now I use my knowledge to write and teach and train people, yet it still remains in career counselling and support as I won't dare open any doors by helping others, afraid of what horrors may be lurking behind them.I don't only write horrible or sorrowful and horror-full fiction, believe it or not I even attempt, with good results, humour and science fiction too. Although I believe I will stick to the kind of pain, misery and darkness I am used to.So, not much of a biography, read the book and the next one to come and read me between the lines. I am there, honest.