Alper Kumcu

Research Assistant in Birmingham, United Kingdom

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I'm a doctoral researcher at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham and a research & teaching assistant at the Department of Translation and Interpreting, Hacettepe University.

Multimodal language processing, verbal memory and divided attention are my main research interests. I am motivated by two concepts: (1) Extended cognition and (2) minimalism in research.

Currently, I'm conducting a research project on the use of space in verbal memory under the supervision of Dr Robin Thompson and Dr Linda Wheeldon at the University of Birmingham. I am investigating the dynamic nature of "looking at nothing" phenomenon.

I'm also the host of Language and Cognition Seminars [LanCoS], which we have been proudly organising at the School of Psychology for the last 4 years.

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    • Hacettepe University
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    • Translation and Interpreting
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