My interest in information security began 18 years ago at a time when systems were extremely vulnerable to basic forms of malware and were easily compromised by attackers. Since then my insights have continuously evolved by following the maturation of security technologies and shifts in computing paradigms. I am particularly interested in malware defense, penetration testing, network forensics and online privacy. I also have a strong affinity for research, analysis and self-education which led me to complete a Masters degree in the field.

I hold a great passion for video games which I find offer the most elegant fusion of technology, art and fiction. I have been heavily inspired by this since childhood and endeavor to broaden my understanding of gaming hardware and software technologies.

Aside from my technical interests I am a dedicated fitness enthusiast and strongly believe in balancing intellectual growth with athleticism. I draw inspiration from training disciplines such as Parkour that alter the perception of obstacles and how they can be leveraged to yield ultimate mastery and freedom of movement.