Alphabetagamma Net

London, United Kingdom

Bringing Art and Religion out of traditional structures. Hello my name is Michael Briggs, I am Managing Director of Limited. Unifying concepts and disciplines of film, art, religion, science, mathematics, prejudice and commerce, the structure will attempt to communicate with the creator of the universe. I am planning the following structure around the globe. I will deploy a network of computers and digital screens in key cities and in highly visible locations including sports stadia, art galleries, public spaces and religious gathering sites. Even empty shops. These screens or projectors will show works of members’ art selected using a quantum random number generator. This sculpture will encourage artists to load their images onto a virtual 3d matrix at a cost of £2. They will automatically receive a QR bar code for triggering their work, by email. There will be three screens at each location, arranged as shown in the video clip. The centre screen will display fast moving images selected from the database using the quantum randomness calculation. These fast moving images will refresh and cleanse the subconscious mind with images made with love and joy. The left screen will select and show one of the fast moving images from the centre screen for 7 seconds then another and so on. The right screen will show an image for 7 seconds triggered by artist scanning their QR bar-code which they will scan at the local installation. Imagine a never ending motion picture where every frame is selected for viewing by the divine force of creation itself. The idea and will be a welcome change from faceless corporations hypnotising us into buying their poisonous rubbish using inane manipulative messages. I think I would get quite emotional looking at a picture painted by a child in a Bhutan village displayed on a billboard in Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. Please Visit website for more information. Watch in wonder as effects of random sub atomic particle decay invade our macro world. Be calmed as your subconscious mind is cleansed of decades of Multinational Corporation programming. Step up to marvel at the rapid image display as it emulates the banned blip-vert which will plant images of joy and love into the mind of the viewer. Swoon at the value that for 2 quid your image will form part of the stream of consciousness controlled by the redeemer to commune with fellow beings.

  • Work
    • British Telecom
  • Education
    • Huish's Grammar School, Taunton