alphabetter guitars

alphabetter guitars

Services offered

-Professional Restring

Clean, wax and oil fretboard. Clean guitar restring and tune to pitch. $15-$20 w/Floyd


Adjust and tighten all hardware. Deoxidize frets, wax and oil fretboard. Slot and lubricate string nut. Adjust truss rod. Set action and intonation. Clean and adjust all electronics. $35-$40 w/Floyd

-Fret dress

Level frets to remove all wear or uneven areas. Recrown/reshape frets. Sand and buff. $60 (add setup for $25)

-Full Re-fret

Remove distressed frets. Resurface fingerboard. Seat fret size of your choice, dress and recrown. $150- $170 w/binding (add setup for $25)

-Wiring/pickup install

Install and wire up to 3 pickups & reassemble. $30-$40 w/coils

Other Services AVAILABLE but not limited to…

-Custom bone nuts/saddles
-Broken headstocks
-Acoustic cracks

We can also build you your guitar of your dreams!!! Hit us up for some quotes!!