Gabrielle "Pavlova" de Bellefeuille

Montréal, Québec, Canada

I'm an anarchist who has issues labelling herself with only one school of thought. If I had to pick, anarcho-communist would probably be it (but you may consider me anarcha-feminist/queer/syndalist/collectivist/socialist friendly.)

I'm a fashionista despite myself with a myriad of independant style identities, from the coy, doll-like lolita to the baggy-pants and crop-top adorned tomboy, and virtually everything in between.

I am an aspiring scholar who studies East-Asian Studies and Video Game Studies (at the University of Montreal), with a dream to be able to study forever. I am the person who walks down an aisle at an academic library, picks up a random issue of, say, "Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies" dating 10 years back and reads a random article, for fun and entertainment.

I am a sister of Zeta Lambda Zeta, a sorority which I am proud to be a part of and to see growing every semester. I had the incredible luck to have a founding sister of our chapter as my big sister and I hope to be as good a big sister to my little sisters as she was to me, though that is a hard goal to attain.

My activism does not stop at anarchism, and my first and foremost cause is and might always will be education.

I love music more than I love almost everything else. I do not discriminate; my tastes go from hip-hop to jazz, from asian EDM to black metal, from opera to klezmer.

The only thing I love more than music (and it could not exist truly without it) is dancing. I have been dancing for 23 years.

I believe in free-love and polyamory.

I am Wiccan; look it up.

I am, as most people in my field of studies, a die-hard geek & otaku. I watch anime religiously, play video games for a unhealthy portion of my time, and above all, I revere Japanese and Korean idols.

Professionally speaking, I translate (and review (and edit (and copywrite)))) things. And sometimes I read them aloud for someone to record.

Picket line logistics. Funky hats. Video game studies. Crunkcore. Mini skirts and thigh highs. Diet coke. Black eyeliner. Whisky. Colorful language. Introspection.

  • Education
    • Université de Montréal