Alphadogzk9, LLC

dog training in Houston, Texas

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At the Alphadogzk9, we’ve redefined dog training. Here, your dog will develop skills you never dreamed possible. Alphadogzk9 dog training classes are custom-designed to encourage dogs to build confidence and develop new behaviors in a simple, step-by-step process. We utilize only positive dog training methods, which your entire family can easily embrace, model and practice.

Our skilled training programs are geared to teaching proper commands to your dog. We work with the client to create effective and proper training. This eliminates confusion, which results in increased confidence and less insecurity. So there is a behavioral component to all training we do with your dog.

At Alphadogzk9, we truly understand the root causes of your dog’s behavior. We are thus are able to strategize and develop training that will achieve measurable results. This leads to the best solution for your dog. If your dog exhibits problematic behavior, we look for the cause and develop a suitable positive long-term remedy that eliminates fear, stress or anxiety.