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As crazy as it sounded to me, I realized that thinking about him in those terms wasn't too far-fetched. Of course, that was just my perspective. I wasn't sure if he felt the same way. Once the wine came, I took a big sip. When I looked at Vincent, I could tell he was watching me carefully. He knew me well enough to know something was up. 'So, I said, gathering myself, how was your trip? He scrunched his eyebrows. Fine. Business. Is there something you want to say? I took a deep breath. 'You were gone a long time. I know. It was exhausting. Is that normal for you? He chewed his lip. 'Yes and no. It happens. When you run a business, sometimes you just have to be the person to handle things. 'Can't you just delegate to someone else and fire them if they do it poorly? A fire broke out behind his eyes as he continued to work his jaw. I could, sure. I could do whatever I wanted. The intensity with which he had begun to speak startled me. I knew I could guess the answer to the following question, but I asked anyway. 'So why don't you? Because there are a lot of people whose jobs depend on my company being good at what it does, and I owe it to all of them to make my company the best I can make it. I found myself nodding before I realized it. It was a more altruistic answer than I was expecting. Besides, he alpha france continued, I'm thirty one. Not exactly pushing retirement age. As successful as I've been, I still have ambitions to push the company further. That was closer to the answer I had guessed. Where do I fit into these plans? I asked. Tears fought to come out, but I held them back. I didn't want to be crying for this conversation, especially in public.