Work at ALPHA

Consultative Sales in Columbus, Ohio

Work at ALPHA

Consultative Sales in Columbus, Ohio

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ALPHA is always looking to discover new talent. If you live in the greater Ohio area and are ready to kick off an exciting career in the business arena, keep reading! We've dedicated this page to telling you all about working here.


It will take you all of two seconds to discover that it doesn't feel like a typical office environment at ALPHA! We have an open floor plan, we play fun music that everyone gets into, and we're usually on our feet. If you prefer a quiet cubicle, this won't be the place for you -- but if you're energetic and you thrive in a team environment, you'll fit right in!


Of course we're biased, but nevertheless, we are proud to say that we truly work with the best. Our team members are fun, outgoing people who genuinely love helping others. Everyone is super motivated and hardworking. We come from all different backgrounds and we each have different passions. The perks of having awesome co-workers are plentiful!


There's a huge difference between a job and a career path. It's ALPHA's priority to provide the latter. We do so by providing the opportunity for all members of the team to move up in the company when they meet certain goals. This ensures that effort, rather than seniority, is rewarded. Thanks to a leveled playing field, a person who is willing to work hard and who is able to deliver results will advance quickly into a management role.


Each individual is trained and mentored by a seasoned professional to ensure that he/she is set up for success. You'll learn a variety of essential business skills - ranging from interfacing with clients to managing an effective team. We teach Franklin Covey organizational methods as well as Ken Blanchard’s philosophy of effective leadership. You will be challenged on a daily basis. Our executive team is very hands-on, and plays a big role in guiding the team down the right path to hit their goals.

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