Alexandro Romeo

New York

I've been at this email game since I was a tender pup. A tumultuous love affair since our first encounter; we’ve had our ups and downs, successes and failures, great moments and not so great moments. Through it all, we’ve learned so much about each other and I wouldn’t change a thing because it has made me who I am today; a hardened email warrior, with calcified bones and battle scars that tell silent stories of agony and glory.

Let’s be frank, there is a lot of commercial email out there, some good and some not so good. I implore you to get down with the cause and check out what I have to offer, so we can learn from one another and make email better, together. I'm no Ray Tomlinson, but I once knew a guy that knew a guy who cut his grass in the 80's, so that, combined with 9 years of experience and my email nerd circle of buds, puts me at the John Stamos level of email knowledge, which is kind of a big deal.

I've recently taken a big step in my career, to finally develop the email marketing project management system that so many of my colleagues have been demanding. My team and I have been tirelessly putting in months of work putting this bad-boy together. If you would like to be part of our beta launch in the summer of 2015, please sign up here:

Smell ya later...

  • Work
    • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • Education
    • BA Foreign Language Molloy College
    • Digital Media Marketing Certification NYU