Alpha Seven Energy

Director, Mother, and Father in the United States

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Alpha Seven Energy helps domestic (US) & Australian accredited/sophisticated investors maximize the current market conditions in the oil and gas industry by giving investor partners the ability to profit from lucrative opportunities through direct participation in owning working interest in producing oil and gas wells.

These wells are in some of the most prolific oil fields in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico & Colorado, giving you, the investor, the opportunity to own a percentage on all profits from oil and gas wells. Alpha Seven Energy drills in conjunction with our partner companies on their leases.

Alpha Seven Energy, and our experienced partner companies have created a bridge from the oil fields in the US, directly to Australian and domestic investors. This means you can directly become an investor/partner in actual producing oil and gas wells in the above mentioned States, where our experienced partner companies leases are located. These funds are comprised of obstinate standards that offer steady, long term economic gains. Our team performs an extensive due diligence process that provides this reliable opportunity to invest closest to the source and owning a percentage on all profits from the wells we drill, for the lifespan of those wells. Rather than just speculating on the price of a commodity, this opportunity puts investor partners first in the quest for a high margin ROI and the ability to build a successful portfolio of projects over time with Alpha Seven Energy.

The same method J.D Rockefeller used to accumulate great wealth.