John Singh

Sydner Road, Stoke Newington N16


I'm John Singh and I've been working in London as a Traditional Signwriter since 1990. I first learnt traditional signwriting techniques at night school in 1977 but never had the confidence to take it up as a profession. I took the plunge in the 1990 after I got stressed out working as a Prudential Insurance Agent. It just was not 'my cup of tea'

Since traditional signwriting firms were on the decline due to the rapid introduction of vinyl cutters and computers it was difficult to find anyone who would take me on as a trainee.

So taking the plunge was really taking the plunge in the sense of just giving up a secure job and going it alone as a traditional signwriter.

Bearing in mind I had a wife and two children depending on me for bread on the table.

Having no client base meant I literally touted for business which meant going to places like local garages and shops where their traditional signboard was looking a little forlorn and I would walk in and drop my card. I didn't pressure people, in fact I used to drop my card and start to walk out and folk used to call me back!

It was really tough in those days primarily because everyone was into the new vinyl lettering. It was quick! It was next day! It was cheap! Traditional signwriting is more labour intensive.

Thankfully you guys and gals out there are beginning to appreciate the the traditional signwriter. There has been a resurgence of requests for traditional signwriting, gold leaf and distressed lettering.

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