John Yanni ` Alphas

Director in Boston, MA

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John Alphas graduated from the Boston University School Management in the year 1982. He is the CEO and owner of The Alphas Produce Company. He was not born with a silver spoon and had to struggle a lot to get what he had achieved today. He had a very humble beginning. After graduating from college he began working at Peter Condakes Company. It is a family owned business and John spent seventeen years in the company. After spending quite a long time in this company he started off with his own business.

He began with his new company in the year 1999 and saw a huge recession in the year 2006. After the downfall of the company he started anew with new and innovative ideas. This brought a new Beginning to the company and thereafter saw a huge growth in the years after.

The Alphas Produce Company is one of the best production companies where you can get the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables at an effective rate.

Business Address is :

Alphas Produce

87-89 New England Produce Center

Chelsea, MA 02150

US (617) 884-5921

Fax: (617) 884-5932