Heart of Darkness

Woodland Hills, California

Who am I?

I'm a truly kind-hearted, but sturdy straight male alpha sub/masochist. I strive to be equally strong and gentile and live by a code of chivalry in and out of the scene. I describe myself as an "alpha sub" because, while totally subservient to the Domme who holds the reigns, I strive to be the best, most durable, and most skilled bottom in the room... to the point of feeling a sense of friendly competition among the other male bottoms. If I see another male bottom at a party that can take more than me, I'll howl at the moon and raise my limits to be the king of the bottoms. I like to think of myself as a Rottweiler on a leash and the Domme holding that leash as the force that controls my power totally and unconditionally.

What's my play style?

My particular fetishes are rather conventional within the D/s framework (meaning there's probably nothing I like that you haven't heard of), but I do like it extreme and authentic. As I am new to the party scene, but I seem to have gotten over my initial shyness due to the warm welcome I've received from this loving culture. Once formal protocol begins, I get into my groove and cast my inhibitions to the wind. I have a very high pain threshold. I know every self-described masochist says that, but those that have topped me uniformly agree. I get a sense of pride in impressing a Domme with my tolerance and enjoy watching Her enjoy the freedom to let the whip come down hard. My only limits on corporal are no lingering marks below the forearm or above the shoulder blades, and no permanent marks anywhere. I also love to serve a Domme. I take great pride in my skills set as a sensual servant. I wish there was a foot massage competition someday so that I can enter and leave with the gold medal. While I'm quite comfortable playing in a dark corner, I prefer playing in the center of the room for everyone to see. If a Domme gives me the honor and privilege of serving Her, I am driven to make Her proud, and I love when She shows me off, or shows off Her handiwork on me. I love being Her trophy.

  • Work
    • Attorney
  • Education
    • Graduate Level Degree