Max Abe

Honolulu, Hawaii

Max is an androgynous tenderqueer, sunshine-loving outdoorsman, and hobby linguist who enjoys volunteering in the Honolulu LGBTQI community as a resource for transgender individuals. He is an advisor and mentor for people who identify as queer, non-binary or gender non-conforming in a local support group called Trans-Spectrum Hawai'i. He also acts as a resource for transgender issues for local LGBTQI non-profits like Equality Hawai'i and PFLAG-O'ahu. He recently became involved with the Hawai'i Youth Coalition and occupies the West O'ahu seat.

Max has Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian, and European heritage which he uses to connect with others on a multicultural level. He likes to use a blend of creativity and mechanical thinking to devise solutions to everyday problems and help others achieve their goals. He has done light public speaking on transgender issues but prefers communicating in one-on-one or small group settings where he can focus more on each person's needs.