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Designer, Editor, and Fitness Instructor in Silver City, NM

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Occupation:Health Advisor

Location:1300 Cooks Main Road, SilverCity, New Mexico, 86515.


AlphaViril Nature is the greatest power that we know of - more so than atomic bombs because atomic bombs are simply one part of nature at work. And generally speaking I don't find the human that intelligent because of the continual striving to out-smart or manipulate nature. Surely it is far more effective to seek to understand nature and to work with it, rather than to get egos all bent out of shape with trying to dominate it. With respect to testosterone levels and their importance to a healthy life, doctors, sports people and body-builders have always sought to take short-cuts by using drugs to get done what nature will gladly assist us with - namely performance enhancement, increased muscle mass, reduced body fat and a general all-round vitality for life including its impact on our sexual expression.