Haiya People! Im Ashley c: Welcome To My Page! So Bout Me.... Well Not Much 2 say... I am VERY Shy To New People I Meet Im Not That "Talkitive" i geuss. im a Country Type Person, i love country music <3 my favorite country artists are: Brad Paisley,Luke Bryan,Toby keith, And Jason Aldean c: I Have My Own Cowgirl Boots... There Red =D... i'v never been the "Doll Type" I Dont Play With Dolls Like Normal Girls Do, I Rather Be Outside Playing Sports,Ridin Horses.. Etc. I Play This Online Game Called TransForMice. It's Really Cool, I met Some Cool Friends There c: But Here's The Bad Thing.. I Recently Fell out of a tree.. and hurt my shoulder really bad. I HATE Pink. Discusting Color. u can already tell im not a normal girl. lol. OH And I Love Going Fishing.. I Go Fishing Down By The Cranberry Boggs Theres A Lake Right Next To There. Lastly I Go Dirt Bike Riding in my grandpas feild :) Oh And I LOVEEEE WOLVESSS <3 Alpha & Omega Foreverrrrr <3