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Artist, Musician, and Filmmaker in Morganton, North Carolina

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Born Carlos Sullivan in Columbus, Ohio around the beginning of what we now call Hip Hop Culture. My influences are (9th Wonder, Mobb Deep, and Nujabes just to name a few.

In 1992, I really feel in love with hip hop music, when I heard the compositions of Dr. Dre. I then said; "One Day, I'm A Do That" and in 1997, I wrote my first rhyme. As I got better I came closer to starting my dream, and it was the summer of 1999, when I met Rich One and a few others that had a group called: "Last Day Prophets."

Upon meeting Rich One and the others, they had asked me if I rapped, of course I said yes, and they asked, if I wanted to be apart of the group, and I seen it as not only a cool way to make new friends, but at the same time, work on my skill as well as having fun doing what it was I liked, and that was Hip hop.

A little after a year, we all parted ways when C=MC³ came home from the Navy, the crew was kind of left in the cold, but I seen it as great timing, because around that time I had met Naethoven, a local producer and engineer whom had a home based studio. So, I looked at it as a chance to finally learn how to do what it was I was supposed to do, and what members of my family were doing, and that was creating the actual music itself.

In 2002 when my dad passed away, he had left a portion of land to me, and my older brother and sister, and since I didn't really have any cash to keep the land, I took my 1/3 of the land money, and bought my own studio setup, and in 2003, I started Chemistry Lab Recordings, first recording myself, Jimm Beem, and C=MC³.

In 2004, C=MC³ and I took part in the WPCC Amateur Night Show where we took home second place, then began to take place in many open mic events.

In 2008, I linked up with Alaric Wilder (Supreme of Sunz of Man) while on myspace. We actually got a chance release 2 underground albums, and 2 solo releases under his "Git Rite Muzic" label, and a featured song on his "Street Kid Movie Soundtrack.

In 2010, I left "Git Rite Muzic," and shortly afterwards, started Sound Drop Entertainment as a collective to Chemistry Lab Recordings in the summer of 2012, and every since then, I've been on a non-stop mission to make my name known, whether by beats, film or my extreme rhyme skills. Just recently I recorded a song called: "Feel The Urge" with Jon BlaQ after reuniting with "Git Rite Muzic" for a compilation album called: "Hip Hop I Am" under my former name (Los D. The P.O.E.T) you can check it out here:

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