Alpian Santosa

Indonesia, Bogor

Alpian Santosa was Born in Bogor, West Java on August, 30th 1993. I am third child of 4 brothers and have such lovely parents.

I started study at school at then graduated from elementary school at . I finished my elementary school 3 years then I finished my senior high school in one of International Standard School. After I graduated from senior high school, I offered many scholarship by many universities, but I decided to apply for test in University of Indonesia. Finally I got the chance to take double degree in University of Indonesia to study to take International Class in major of Technology Information Science, and regular class in major of Syariah Finance. Now I am also studying accounting in Indonesia Accounting Foundation in Jakarta.

I have my own interest to Information Technology and social science, therefore I keep update in learning Information Technology and many social fields. I also learn hypnosis science as attempt to help in social problems solving. I like to learn something new and explore unique thing.

I like to do fun things and challenging such developing Information Tecnology science through many experiments. Also I have my own passion to lead people and plan for strategic or organized events.

I am the type of someone who serious in plan, well organized and focus to the objective. I do not force to do anything in certain way since the most important is achieve the goal.

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    • Accountant