Alpna Vaghela

Alpna Vaghela is founder of RE(VIVE) Health, Beauty, Fashion and Dance. Alpna runs a consultancy to teach people how to live healthy lives by making changes in their diet, lifestyle and image to make people look and feel their very best.

Alpna believes true beauty comes from within and runs a number of programmes teaching individuals how to maintain their health, beauty and general wellbeing through nutrition, naturopathy (natural health), beauty, fitness and fashion.

Alpna's classes start from how to maintain your health and wellbeing through diet, vitamins and cooking techniques, through to how to enhance your beauty through professional skin-care regimes and make-up application.

With an eye for fashion, Alpna designs her own clothing range and shows people how make the most of their wardrobe, advises on colour co-ordination including personal styling and shopping.

As a professional Dancer and Dance Fitness Teacher, Alpna also helps people with their fitness regime through dance. Great fun fitness for all.