Alrek Business Solutions

Schaumberg, IL

Focused on growing and maintaining its client base, Alrek Business Solutions provides information technology services to clients in need of expedient solutions to meet ever-changing demands. The company provides IT services that help businesses solve a myriad of problems. Alrek Business Solutions designs, builds, and implements problem-solving measures as software applications. Each application caters to specific problems outlined by the client. Tailor-made applications range from programming and business solutions to implementing packages and results for web-based enterprises.

Endeavoring to become an extension of the client's work processes, Alrek Business Solutions staffs a team of experienced technicians. The technicians strive to minimize operating costs and bring about performance boosts by deploying the services the client needs to succeed. One of the company's oft-requested services, application development, involves developing custom software for e-business, greater business intelligence, and various other solutions. The company also provides application management outsourcing services to enterprises in such fields as government, insurance, and banking.

Alrek Business Solutions understands that organization is key in IT pursuits. Better organization begets better efficiency, a goal the company can help clients reach. Another service, system rationalization, consistently sees an average of 15 percent saved on a client's annual budget. Alrek also specializes in modernizing systems via managed mainframes, a type of framework where legacy systems are brought up to date without any loss in operations.

More than providing customized solutions and organization, Alrek Business Solutions aims to achieve a set-in-stone list of goals with each client. Groups who partner with Alrek can expect trustworthiness, long-term relationships, and all efforts put toward the client's success.

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