Alsbridge is an expert outsourcing, benchmarking and shared services consulting firm with offices in London, Paris, and Dallas. Alsbridge has a proprietary methodology whereby clients receive assistance along each step of the sourcing process. Alsbridge covers the entire scope of sourcing for clients: from people to process and pre-implementation to post-implementation. Alsbridge is fully equipped to handle companies seeking sourcing solutions related to many business processes, including information technology, finance and accounting, and human resources. Alsbridge was founded in 2005 as the combination of two well-known sourcing and consulting firms, Trowbridge Group and ALS Consulting. Morton Meyerson, the Alsbridge American Chairman, was a pioneer of outsourcing. Mr. Meyerson created the first Latin American and Indian offshore development centers early in his career. Meyerson and the other executives at Alsbridge carry a similar pedigree in the field and have extensive authority in the areas of price, relationship, and governance benchmarks. With experienced executive leadership on board, Alsbridge is poised to help companies around the world expand, grow, and do business more effectively. Alsbridge is always seeking new ways to bring shared services and outsourcing to clients. By collaborating with clients and providers, Alsbridge leverages its unique Sourcing Alignment System™ (SAS) to produce practical results at critical junctures in a business’ development. Alsbridge is known in the sourcing industry for innovative benchmarking methods that provide clients with clear, repeatable, and sustainable initiatives.