3812 Mill StreetShrub Oak, NY 10588, United States914-469-7316Time:1:09:00:20:00,2:09:00:20:00,3:09:00:20:00,4:09:00:20:00,5:09:00:20:00,6:09:00:20:00,7:09:00:20:00"For over 11 years the professional tree maintenance serviceof All Seasons Tree Care has handledthe wide variety of landscaping needs throughout Westchester, New York. Whether residentsare looking to clear an area for a new home, need stump and tree removal duethe latest storm, or want tree pruning services to highlight the beauty oftheir yard, this reliable tree care company does it all!Privately owned and operated, this tree care service hasgrown from a single truck to a full operating fleet, offering residents a fullspectrum of tree services. Land clearing and stump removal is done with licensedexcavators, ensuring that even the largest and most cumbersome tree is safelyremoved from your property. Additionally, tree removals and trimmings are doneby experienced technicians, ensuring that your yard is healthy and ready foreach season. All Seasons Tree Careconsultants offer numerous residential and commercial tree services, andprovide home and business owners honest and reliable guidance. Westchesterresidents are encouraged to call (914)469- 7316 for free estimates andconsultation when deciding on tree care services. The specialists at thisexperienced tree care company are ready to help you with all your tree serviceneeds."