Mohammad Al:Shabrawy

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Designer in London, United Kingdom


Mohammad Al:Shabrawy has extensive technical and professional expertise in systems analysis, planning, design, management, and implementation of information systems. It is well-versed in the configuration management integration project. He has extensive experience in the secret network environments where IT services can be managed internally provided and / or where they can provide services from abroad. The combined experience of small and big government and commercial projects that promote the Federal his views on the final status requirements. He helped manage the deployment and integration of project management packages, to include commercial, government, and open source. He works hard in order to join the instruments for quality assurance and industry best practices, to produce a solid and safe environments and systems. Mr. Al:Shabrawy has an excellent solution to the problem of skills and the ability to manage multiple high-priority tasks under the timetables are limited. Along with excellent communication skills, written and oral, and Mr. Al:Shabrawy have excellent analytical, organization and presentation, customer service and facilitation skills.

Specialties: Web and mobile Apps,Systems and Network Security, Storage Technologies, Systems Administration, PMF, COTS/GOTS/OSS R&D and Integration, Systems and Java Application performance tuning, Virtualization and Cloud Technologies, Information Assurance, A&A, AWS