mohamed alshibany

Name : Mohamed Moftah Alshebani

Date of birth : 1990 Place of birth : Benghazi

Nationality : Libyan Marital

Status : single Academic

Degree : Senior communication engineering student – Benghazi Universit / Libya Address : Benghazi - Libya Interests and Activities

1. Interested in human and personal development

2. Attended several courses regarding leadership skills

3. Interested in history and philosophy

4. Social network activist since the early days of the Libyan revolution

5. Member of the Justice and Reform Political Party

6. Social and political activist

7. Multimedia activist

8. An ex-member in youth of change foundation

9. An active member in city cleaning day campaigns

10. An active citizen in non-profit works

11. Political office member in Libyan Revolutionaries office

12. Libyan News Agency web-page chairman I have a dream, that Libya one day will become a strong state leading the entire word in every aspect of civilization.