Sir Thomas More

London, England

Get To Know Me

My name is Sir Thomas More the Lord Chancellor of England. I am a firm supporter and believer of Roman Catholic Church. I practice and teach idealism which is what I strongly believe in. Through my actions I prove to not only myself but also to others that I am a true idealist.

Important Aspect

I am executed on May 7, 1535 for denying the King's Supermacy. I wish that I would have been able to agree and support my king but my conscience and moral would not allow me to do so. Some would say that I am an idealist because of my decision to go agasint the king. I am also well respected in my town, although that all changes when I go out of the King's sight. I am betrayed and avoided by people, even the ones that I thought I could trust. This affects not only myself but my beloved family members.

Ethics and Philosophy

The main philosophy that I follow and support is Idealism, practice or pursuing of ideals. I cannot help but follow my conscience. The reason behind my refusal to swear to Parliament’s Act of Supremacy is that i cannot turn my back on what I believe is right. To me, creation of a new church to annull the King's marriage is not right. It is immoral and goes against my beliefs. This is one and only reason why I refuse to swear to the Act of Supremacy. Whether it may be my personal beliefs of morals or my religion, it is impossible for to do go against them. Even if my stubbornness would lead me to my death, I would not be able to betray my own conscience. Long after my execution, many see me as a hero and a role model to follow after. Honestly, it is hard for me to understand why. I am not a saint or martyr of legend but simply a man that gave my life to my conscience.

  • Work
    • Lord Chancellor of England
  • Education
    • St Anthony's School