Dehumidifier Tips

Removes water from a quite humid room at a reasonable rate. One flaw is that the exhaust vent is directed straight up, so that if the machine is installed in a corner of a large room, that corner is dried out to a greater extent than is the oposite corner.

Handel on bucket broke first time we used it Promptly returned it to Amazon for full refund.

One of the reasons we bought a new one is because the handle broke on our old one, and it's difficult to avoid spilling in transit to my emptying location outside. I thought a new one would fix my problems, but I was wrong.

This unit makes a strange noise. I contacted Frigidaire. They told me they would not warranty it as I purchased it through Amazon.

When it does stop it fills so high that you spill water all over trying to empty it, overfills and spills on the floor.

While this worked well at removing water from the air it was hot and very loud. We placed it in our dining room, which is just off the living room. It also made the room much hotter.

Attractive, very simple to use, and having the option to hook up a drain hose and have the humidifier continuously pump the water into a waste pipe rather than having to empty the bucket is a great option. A room in my basement that used to be saturated with water condensation during summer is now dry, cool, and smells great.

Bought it in July, and worked great, broke in May. This is the third one to break. One lasted two years, second one broke at about about a half and a year, and this one in under a year.

I got a replacement one. That one also developed the loud noise within a couple of days. I had to return it and this time got a refund.

It has worked well for us keeping our basement humidity at a comfortable level. We have a hose connected to empty the water into a floor drain which works well.

I've had this dehumidifierfor about 6 months now and it has worked great. We had our basement flood with water recently and I let this unit run continuously and all the water and musty smell was gone within 48 hours. The water bucket is a little tricky to drain and remove but I mostly use it connected to a drain hose so I don't need the bucket much.

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