Alta Loma Animal Hospital

Alta Loma, CA

Alta Loma Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, California, offers exceptional general and emergency veterinary care to dog and cat owners living throughout San Bernardino County. The facility’s lead veterinarian, Wagdy Moussa, D.V.M., works closely with owners to ensure that their dogs and cats receive regular checkups and immunizations and that they, as the pets’ owners, are providing their furry companions with adequate nutrition and exercise at home. A passionate practitioner, Wagdy Moussa, D.V.M., of Alta Loma Animal Hospital goes above and beyond for his patients and focuses on instituting proactive measures that address owners’ concerns well in advance.

In addition to helping pet owners keep their dogs and cats healthy and happy, Alta Loma provides emergency and urgent surgical care Monday through Saturday. Emergencies that the practice treats range from injuries sustained from a vehicle accident to serious allergic reactions. Additionally, the facility offers specialized orthopedic surgery, dental care, and grooming services. Accepting a variety of payment options, the hospital also works with clients to render services within their budgets.

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