Hadeel Altamimi

Palisades Park NJ

Hadeel Altamimi

Broadcaster/ Ambassador

Salaam Alekoum- I wasBorn in 08/16/1995, form Jordan. I Live in New Jersey. My name means "TheSound of Pigeon". I immigrated to the US in 2014. It was a changeablejourney from nothing to a real and interested life. It showed me who I’m, whatI love and what I want to be. So every day is a day to learn a new thing and tomake my dream become true.

I'mambassador in the US for Leader of Life Foundation, which is located in Jordan.The institution goal is to find a pioneer leaders, can deploy the development,Renaissance concepts and to achieve sustainable development in theircommunities.

Iwant people to see the world in different way, the way which can let our eyesto concentrate in everything we see it. My goal is to run an internationalchannel named (THNA) which it means (T-"Taqwa", H-"Huda",N-"Nour", A-"Allah"). The THNA channal object is to showall people the real Islam.

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    • Leaders Of Life
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    • Bergen community college
    • Yarmouk