Jonathan Alter

Eilat Israel

A Rock/EDM/Hip-Hop Drummer and Music Producer, Born Jan 13th 1984 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Started studying music at the age of 5 at the Tel-Aviv Music Conservatory, later invited to join the conservatory's junior orchestra as a drummer at the age of 6. At same time he was accepted to the music program at the Tel-Aviv School of Arts.

Due to his family's departure to Finland, Alter's musical education and occupation was postponed for a couple of years.
On his return to israel at the age of 9, his family settled in Israel's most southern city, Eilat. He than immediately got back to studying music theory and drumming at Eilat's Music Conservatory. In high-school he majored in music, but decided to leave school before completion. At the same time he was playing in several local hype high-school bands on many different instruments and even as a Lead Singer in a locally successful band.After serving in the israeli air force (mandatory), he moved to Tel-Aviv to pursue his music career.

After a few years as a Multi-Instrumentalist and a Composer/Writer/Producer for his musical act, IJO/SHALTER, Alter decided to focus on his greatest passion and first love - the Drum-Set.

Current Projects to notice:*SHTUBY*RANDOM DOGS*BEMET*KAMILA

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