the Alter-Drukarsh Family Tree


1. Leibish/Louis M ALTER and his first wife Sarah MEISEL by whom he had five children and

2. Leibish/Louis M ALTER and his second wife Freida "Fanny" DRUKARSH by whom he had seven children.

Louis arrived at New York via Ellis Island, in August 1905. He was about 24. There are variations of his place of birth as Lvov, Lagov, Lukow in Poland, often shown as Poland/Russia. His departure to North America was from Trieste, Italy, one of the ports commonly used for passage.

No record has been found, of his entry to Canada as overland rail, at that time, was not recorded. However, record does show birth of his first child, Issie Daniel (Ed), in 1907, to be in Toronto. So, it is possible to assume he arrived in Toronto and married to Sarah between those dates.

After Sarah's death in Apr 1921, Louis remarried that July to Fanny Drukarsh, who had immigrated to Toronto in Dec 1920. Together they had seven children before his death in Aug 1944. Fanny lived to see nine grandchildren born before her death in Jul 1956. I was one of those nine.

Rubinoff-Naftolin families
One of my late aunts was a Naftolin. Bill Gladstone wrote a wonderful family genealogy book entitled "One Hundred years in Canada: the Rubinoff-Naftolin Family Tree" which documents this branch of the tree and has been a main resource for adding them to the A-D connections.... The branch also extends into the United States.

Bowie families
An interesting connection discovered via a cousin's husband lineage: The Bowie family. Immigrating from England, they primarily settled in Maryland as one of the prominent families of their day. Their roots trace back to the 16th Century. I hope to eventually add the stories found about the individuals as they are quite informative and entertaining.

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