Gadegaard Leach

There are many ways to make an honest buck while some only try to find the very best deals possible, online. If you are interested in data, you will probably desire to read about linklicious. There was a period when individuals who were surfing the Web were more vulnerable to go through the internet links and get stuff without thinking too much of it. Perhaps not it appears that the issues are a bit different, as a result of the fact that the costs are greater than they were before and many people attempt to 'Hijack' the commissions by changing the ID of the internet links with their ID.

Lets guess that you have an internet link such as www.productdomain.. com/?affID, and the hijacker will change your link with his ID, which can be 'newID': www.productdomain. com/?newID. This is the way he manages to just take the money that is truly yours.

You can find also cases once the hijacker will replace your ID from the link. I learned about by browsing Google. The guests will soon be re-directed towards the ordinary URL and choose the products and services they discover there, without even seeing your ID (it would appear to be www.productdomain.. com). Visit linklicious seo to learn why to engage in it. In both cases, you'll reduce your commission.

Here are few guidelines which could help any affiliate business to fight-back those 'hijackers' and avoid them to actually 'cut' your affiliate link. These are good guidelines, but if someone really tries to take your payment, it might succeed, finally.

TIP # 1

In order to cover the internet link you can use a coffee software direct page. Here's where your internet link can be found and the customers can have access to your products and services. This is a good way to prevent a maximum exposure of your affiliate link in messages or ezine ads, before consumer is re-directed to the true affiliate link, where your ID is also readable.

Listed here is a typical example of how drinks this be done: http://productdomain.. com/productA.html, and the ID is visible in the address bar 'productdomain.' Even if the hijackers may eventually access your affiliate link, they'll not access it directly from your site