Alternatives for Wellness

Alternatives for Wellness is your natural health source for healthy living and eating. Founded by Erica Hill to help you to address a variety of issues with natural and effective therapies.

Physical and emotional well-being go hand in hand. Stress, depression, "emotional baggage", and anxiety can all contribute to poor health.

Alternatives For Wellness gives you personalized health and wellness treatment program using kiniseology for energy healing and emotional rebalancing supported by Zyto Compass Body Scan, Derma Grid Skin Analysis, Kinesiology/Muscle Checking and The Ziva 360 Body Scan.

We also supply a wide variety of holistic health supplements, herbal products and super foods.

At Alternatives for Wellness our mission is to provide a friendly, informative and caring environment where you can feel welcomed and safe to explore natural therapies to achieve health and wellness goals.

We'd like to hear from you. Contact us at 201. 444.7401 to schedule a phone or in person consultation at our office.